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Yogyakarta-Solo, Spiritualism Sukuh Temple-Ceto

Yogyakarta-Solo, Spiritualism Sukuh Temple-Ceto

Cultural Wealth
Sir Thomas Raffles Stamfort write a book The History of Java, ordered a team led by Resident Johson, in Surakarta to conduct searches and data collection temples in Java. Sukuh temple in Central Java likely founded in the late Majapahit power. This comes from the interpretation reliefs of the temple “Gapuro Bhuto Anguntal Jalmo” (giant human prey). Sukuh Temple was built during the economic and political conditions before the collapse, making it impossible to establish a perfect temples and monumental. Sukuh Temple is the art of remote people and not experts. Temple reliefs Sukuh look ugly and simple, but contains a mystery which can not yet completely revealed until now.

Sexuality Sukuh Temple
The sculptures and reliefs in the Sukuh Temple show something related to sexuality, including interpretation of inner and outer lives, teaches people about the origin and end of life (Sangkan Paraning Dumadi), the worship of supernatural power, self-introspection. Sexuality Sukuh Temple closely with symbolism and mysticism. With the invention of relief lingga and yoni is a symbol of masculinity and femininity. Sexuality in Sukuh Temple can be traced from the teachings and myths in the Hindu influence. Cliford Bishop (Sex and Spirituality, 2006: 55-58) said, the idea of connecting the Hindu gods and sexuality has a long history starting from the Indus civilization which reached its peak in 2000 BC (before Christ). Traces were seen in the three-faced god and “ithypallic” which is known as a proto-Shiva.

Sudamala Chant
Excerpt from a story in this Sudamala Chant shows how sex determines the level of the dignity of human life. Sudamala Chant by the Java community to serve as a reference Ruwatan Tradition (remove a curse or bad luck). Ruwatan by taking Sundamala Chant in leather puppet show(symbolism and mysticism in the puppets, 1979: 50) has a purpose “ngluwari” (keep your promises), remove disease, and avoid any danger to us.

Ruwatan Officials
Sukuh Temple is located on a mountainside Lawu, Central Java, has given evidence that sex permeates the life of the spirit of spirituality and not interfered by political interests, let alone the kind of legislation Pornography and Porno action. However, it seems more appropriate Ruwatan done for the people in the parliament or the officials who corrupt the public with his behavior. They need Ruwatan with court ceremonies and punishments with its own chant, “Corruption Chant” or “Democracy Chant” In Indonesia. Because in Indonesia, many corrupt officials with a number of trillion rupiah, and it is public money, and they do not know, many people are still suffering. To eat every day people struggling to find. We think that Indonesia is now dilapidated, we are very concerned with this situation. While in other countries, too much corruption, but not as bad as the situation of corruption in Indonesia. Hopefully with this Ruwatan, they can be conscious and aware.
We do not expect major changes in Indonesia, but we want to Indonesia, not as bad as now. We love you full Indonesia.