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Semarang – Yogyakarta Tour Option #1

Semarang – Yogyakarta Tour Option #1

Semarang – Yogyakarta Tour Option #1 [3 Days/2 Nights]

Pick up service at Semarang airport. Meeting and greeting service with our tour guide then check in hotel. Free program.

After breakfast at hotel, depart to go around the old city or “Little Netherland” where there are 50 old buildings such as Gereja Blenduk : Protestant church was built in 1753 by Dutch with neo-classic style has two minarets and one dome. Sam Po Kong : Chinese temple was built in 15 century by Chinese great admiral Zheng He/ Cheng ho who visited the area in 1405. Others one is Thousand Door Building [Lawang sewu], Youth Movement [Tugu muda] etc. The next trip is Ambarawa Old Train Museum : There are 21 old steam trains in the museum and mostly production of Esslingen, Henschel, Hartmann Chemnitz [Germany] and operated by Dutch in Indonesia. Old train museum is one location with William I train station in Ambarawa and the train station was found in 1873 by Nederlandsch Indische Spoorweg Maatscappij [NISM]. Lunch served at local restaurant. Procced to visit Borobudur Temple : The greatest budha monument in the world. Continued the trip to Yogyakarta for check in hotel. Free program.

After breakfast at hotel, depart to visit : Sultan Palace : Place has function as king residence, cultural center and tourism object and was built in 1756. Proceed to Water Castle: Place has function as pleasure garden since Sultan Hamengkubuwono I-III ad was built in 1761. Continued to Ngasem Bird Market: The oldest bird market in Indonesia was found in 19 century and display is not only bird but also among pets such as : rabbit, dog, cat, bat, snake etc. Proceed to see Silversmith and Batik home industry. Lunch served at local restaurant. Afterward visit Prambanan Temple : The greatest and the most beautiful hindhu temple in Indonesia was built in 9 century. Return back to Yogyakarta till departure time [in the late afternoon/evening] to transfer out to Yogyakarta airport. End of service.