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Offerings Mount Kelud – East Java

Offerings Mount Kelud – East Java

Between Tradition and Charm of Tourism
Some religious leaders brought offerings (rice, fruits, vegetables, etc), the shape of mountains, in the event of ritual Offerings Mount Kelud, in the district of Kediri – East Java. Ritual offerings are always held every year, the month “Suro” in the Javanese calendar, as an expression of gratitude to God, while rejecting the disaster caused by Mount Kelud. The ceremony is followed by the whole society on the slopes of Mount Kelud. Ritual peak Offerings Mount Kelud, offerings laid at the feet of lava dome, accompanied by prayers from religious leaders, traditional leaders, and community to God.

Mount Kelud is Active Volcanoes
Kelud volcano is the source of the greatest disasters that could threaten the life of the surrounding community at any time. Mount Kelud last erupted in 2007 is efusif (material flow), different from previous eruptions are exsplosif (ejects material). Due to the last eruption, the mountain kelud craters, a green lava dome, a black stream of material in the bowels of the earth. Height of the dome is now 250 meters and 400 meters wide. Mount Kelud often become the object of study and reference Sciences Volcanology development, for local and foreign scientists. The other side, has the potential Mount Kelud natural resources extraordinary, many have benefited the lives of surrounding communities. Like a blast of sand mining and mountain ash which provides soil fertility, agriculture and plantation growing good.

Enchantment Tours Mount Kelud
Mount Kelud a tourist destination in East Java, located 40 kilometers from the town of Kediri, with unique natural scenery, interesting, and challenging. The uniqueness of the Mountain is strato-shaped peak with a crater lake in the middle, although the crater lake has now transformed into the lava dome. Mount Kelud is the only volcano in Indonesia that can reach up to the crater. Adventure tour begins with a long tunnel about 200 meters with a stone wall covered with cement.

Hence the momentum ritual offerings once used only traditional ceremonies, is now packaged as a beautiful new charm Mount Kelud, which was expected to increase tourist visits, local or foreign.