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Borobudur Tours from Semarang Port Cruises Ship, Central Java, Indonesia

Borobudur Tours from Semarang Port Cruises Ship, Central Java, Indonesia

Cruises Ship Tours from Semarang Port, Borobudur Tours from Semarang Port, Semarang Port to Borobudur Tours, Cruises Ship Tours to Borobudur. Semarang city is located in the Central Java province, Indonesia. Geographically Semarang is located between 6 degrees 50 ‘- 7 degrees 10’ south latitude and a line 109 degrees 35 ‘- 110 degrees 50’ East Longitude. Semarang has a uniqueness that is not found in other areas, because there are two parts. Top Semarang a relatively cool temperature, and Down Semarang a relatively hot temperature.

Down Semarang the famous industrial area, there is a large port with the name Tanjung Mas Harbour. Its well known since the Dutch. This port is the entrance to the other cities in Central Java. Even the cruise ships coming from the U.S., the Netherlands, England, to get to attractions in Java. Specifically Semarang, such as:
Old Town, Sampokong, Tugumuda, Thousand Doors, Borobudur Temple, Old Steam Train Museum, GedongSongo Temple, Prambanan Temple.

The development of tourism become more advanced, many options travel agent to hundle cruise ships coming from Semarang port.
We are Spoorindo Tours & Travel, often handling package Semarang Cruise Ship Tours. These guests we’ve invited, visit the Borobudur temple : David Owens, He was Manager of the Bar with his crew of about 25 persons .. by ship Crystal Serenity.
Jevvry Kivert, this is the guests who came from Holland as 6 persons. etc.

Semarang Cruises Ship Tours Package

Semarang Port with The Guest David Owens