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Yogyakarta Tours Magelang-Indonesia, Adventures in Elo River (Rafting)

Yogyakarta Tours Magelang-Indonesia, Adventures in Elo River (Rafting)

Brown water splashing, hit the big rocks in the Elo River - Magelang (Yogyakarta Tours Rafting), causing foam ejected water and exposed faces above the raft, Elo River is a child who tipped the Progo river in the western slopes of Mount Merbabu, state waters if not rain clearer than the Progo River, rafting difficulty level varies between II-III, which is suitable for rafting activities tours. The scene on the left and right side of the river is still beautiful and attractive, the path usually starts from Blondo Bridge - Magelang, and ended up in Mendut temple or near the meeting point between the Progo and Elo, no less than 35 rapids through a long path around the 2.5 - 3 hours. Some people still consider white water rafting is a dangerous sport, but with complete equipment and security procedure have been set, the danger can be avoided, for rafting participants who could not swim, no need to worry because the wear life jackets, so if at any time thrown from boat remains floating body. Need to use safety helmets, to protect the head from the impact of stone, each participant vigilance must remain there, do not underestimate the natural conditions. The leader’s role or the handler or called the skipper of the boat, must be considered participants rafting, raft over, while watching the activities that utilize community water source at the edge of the River Elo, residents around the daily use of water in the river for bathing and washing, some people also seen distributing hobby of fishing on the river, the splashing water from the waterfall on the edge of the river, and the birds sang were also indulge the senses. If you want a different experience and test the guts, the participant pool rapids, through rapids let the body washed up. Technique participants on her back with legs straight and eyes forward, feet are used to hold the body when in front of a stone as well as a counterweight. Elo river has 35 rapids with a maximum grade of three, meaning the class is suitable for white water rafting activities, not the pure adventure. Stream path in the downstream river flow has a stable character and flows throughout the year.

Elo River Magelang - Yogyakarta Tours - Indonesia

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