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“Becak” Traditional Tours at Jogjakarta

“Becak” Traditional Tours at Jogjakarta

Becak or Pedicabs Tour of Jogjakarta, Balancing Vehicle Quick Rumble.
One day we saw becak transporting tourists in droves. They certainly will feel strange ride Becak. Traditional vehicles, still given the right to live in Yogyakarta. Along with a pedicabs, horse cart also was given the right to life, although sometimes had to yield to modern vehicles. Becak in Yogyakarta tourism developed into an icon.
Becak, is expected to be a means of transportation that is environmentally friendly, socially friendly, because passengers can interact with the driver. Therefore, rickshaws and horse, a concern and must appear to be interesting.

Completion of the pedicabs for the sake of tourism. This effort is also consistent with the objective necessity of pedicabs displayed as attractive as possible and preferably tourists.
Later, tricycles which meant it would be said to be a pedicabs tour. And, once perfected several times through creative design that is lighter and comfortable, could eventually be accepted. Pedicabs, which is not removed its presence in the city of Yogyakarta is often ridden tourists to see the atmosphere of the city in the afternoon. In fact, star-rated hotels were always provide the facilities and the pedicabs driver. Merely as one visitor attraction.
In the end, to think of English language proficiency for the driver. Because, they will each interaction. In addition, the driver should also have a high level of awareness, that tourists need good service, do not want to be cheated or even pushed out. As a means of transportation that is environmentally friendly and socially friendly, the driver can not apply unfriendly.

In various discussions pedicabs tours, such as those held at the Center for Transportation and Logistics Studies UGM. recently, there were many ideas and thoughts genius. For example, the need to design a creative pedicabs on the body. If you need to have different typical, between Jogjakarta and Solo or other areas.